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Principal's Message

Prof. (Dr.) Om Prakash Singh

Warm Welcome to the Web Pages of D.N.P.G. College!!
It’s a matter of pleasure and glory to be part of such an institution which is known for its Nationalist Values. In the era of global liberalization when the values of the noble profession are also threatened by consumerist practices, Digvijai Nath P.G. College is one of those few that hold firm the cherished ideals of the values for which the highest academic excellence keeping in consonance with one nation stands. Time is a flux to keep peace with the tremendously institute has been trying to import to its students the best to prepare them not only into great citizen but its help them emerge into a human being to meet the modern challenges of basic meets.

Swami Vivekanand has said, “Education is meant and aimed at grooming and churning out the inherent capabilities”. His holiness Brahmaleen Digvijai Nath Ji Maharaj, the founding father of the institution, was committed to the idea that education must be aimed at multi-dimensional development of students. When the nation faces poverty of thought and ideals, these principles attain a higher relevance. Education system of the modern world claims superiority in job-oriented education. Not only the traditional disciplines but also the traditional methodologies are challenged and traditional values of learning process are eroding.

The Indian nationalist thought never holds high the concept of job oriented education rather we focus on value based education. A student, who has thorough knowledge of the discipline and firm practice of values, can contribute far more to the development of The Nation and to service of Humanity. Digvijai Nath P.G. College and Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad do not aim at creating workers. Our mission is to prepare such valuable human resources which can hold high the humane values. Earnings are neither difficult nor compromise based for such scholars. Quality of research has been a persistent challenge for academicians in the last several decades. With glamorization of education the world tends to engage more in the display of research rather than performance. Our focus on values adds ethics and integrity to the process of research as well. We are conscious that our mission is demanding and is an uphill task but our value based approach is the greatest addition to our strength. We are aware of our rich heritage that counts patience, perseverance, tolerance, piousness and selflessness as the values of Humanity.

Our message to the society is that our mission is to restore the scholarly Indian tradition that was bestowed the status of Jagad-Guru. With a large galaxy of highly qualified and dedicated members of our faculty and staff we feel confident of our resources and with a large alumni base positioned at different places, in different roles acting as our brand ambassadors, we are well assured of success in our mission.