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SessionOrganizer / DepartmentTopicDateSponsoredEvent LevelAttach
2020-21Political Science Deptt.गाँधी का शैक्षिक दर्शन एवं नई शिक्षा नीति-202002-October-2020CollegeCollege Download
2017-18B.Ed. Deptt.Relevance of Buddhism in Present Global Scenario08-09 April 2018ICHRNational Download
2017-18PsychologyAdvances in Health and Wellbeing Research25-26 March 2018Uttar Pradesh Govt.National Download
2017-18Economics Deptt.The Role of Cooperative in Rural Economic Development 23-24 March 2015Uttar Pradesh Govt.National Download
2016-17IQACQuality Management in Higher Education Institution20-21 October 2015NAACNational Download
2016-17Economics Deptt.Role of Women in Economic Development17-18 October 2016UGCNational Download
2016-17Defence Studies Deptt.India's Foreign Policy : Indo Nepal Relations06 October 2016ICWANational Download
2015-16Economics Deptt.Globalization and Indian Agriculture : Problems & Prospects 06-07 November 2015ICSSRNational Download
2012-13Gandhian Study CentreCosmos of Gandhi's Thought 22 December 2012UGCNational Download
2012-13Economics Deptt.Rural Employment Scheme and Socio Economic Development 13-14 October 2012UGCNational Download
2011-12Commerce Deptt.Present Economic Environment of India Challenges and Opportunities18-19 February 2012UGCNational Download
2011-12Swami Vivekanand Study & Research CentreHindutva aur Swami Vivekanand12 January 2012UGCNational Download
2010-11Defence Studies Deptt.India's Internal Security : Challenges and options05-06 March 2011UGCNational Download
2010-11Political Science Deptt.Coalition Politics in India : Prospecting & Prospects27-28 November 2010UGCNational Download
2010-11EducationEnvironmental Education : Green Teacher02-03 November 2010UGCNational Download
2010-11Sardar Vallabh Bahi Patel Study CentreSardar Vallabh Bahi Patel : Vayaktitvaur Krititav28.08.2010UGCNational Download
2010-11Chemistry DepartmentNano Science & Nano Technology06 August 2010CollegeNational Download
2008-09Hindi Deptt.Ram Charit Mans mein Pariwar ki Avadharana24-25 October 2009College and Deptt.National Download
2007-08Ancient History Deptt.Bhartiyaltihash Lekhan : Chunautiya aur Nare Aayam22-23 December 2007UGCNational Download