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Guest Lecturers

Session Organizer Topic Date Guest
2017-18 Chemistry Forensic Science 02nd September 2017 Prof.B.B.L.Srivastav Dodoma University Tanzania
Geography Impact of Pollution on Ozone 16th September 2017 Dr.S.P.L.Srivastava, Principal, BapuP.G.College, Pepeganj, Gorakhpur
Botany Plants of the Mother Earth Planet 25th October 2017 Prof.V.N.Pandey
Ancient History Cultural Heritage of Purvanchal 27th November 2017 Prof. Rajvant Rao Ancient History Department, DDU Gorakhpur Universtiy.
B.Ed. Teacher as a Counsellor 03 February 2018 Dr.Sheelasingh, DigvijaiNathP.G.College, Gorakhpur.
Brahmaleen DigvijaiNath Ji Maharaj Yoga Centre Importance of Yoga and pranayama 13 February 2018 Prof. DwarikaNath, Deptt. Of Philosophy, DDU Gorakhpur University
Psychology Emerging areas of Psychology in India and its Possibilities 16th February 2018 Dr. Vinod Gupta, D.A.V.P.G.College, Gorakhpur