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Interdisciplinary Programme

Interdisciplinary lectures were organised on different subjects by the subject specialist from amongst the college teaching staff and also by the resource persons from outside.

  • On 25.12.2009 Emeritus Scientist & Director Biomass Materials Science and Dynamic Studies Department, Lorens Workley National Lab., U.S.A. Dr. Seema Singh delivered a Lecture on the subject 'From Mimicking Nature to Searching Alternative Fuel for Transportation'. She urged the students & teachers to investigate new natural compounds which can protect the human culture and help the development of the world.
  • On 5th September 2013 Dr. Ved Prakash Pandey, eminent scholar delivered a lecture on Subject 'Role of Teacher in Modern Time'
  • A Lecture on the subject 'Aids: Jankari hi Bachao hai' was organized by NSS & Red Ribbon Club jointly on 01st October, 2013 in the College. The main speaker on the subject Dr. J.P. Singh, Upper Chief Medical Officer, Gorakhpur urged the students to fight against Human Immune Deficiency Virus. The best cure is awareness and self control in favour of a common man.
  • A guest lecture of Prof. Shiv Shankar Verma, Head of Department of Geography, DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur was organized on 20th November, 2013 in the College. He explained the challenges caused by pollution in atmosphere due to increase in level of green houses. Due to damage in layer of ozone the temperature of our earth has increased by 0.8 degree celsius in last hundred years. We can solve these problems by living with nature and changing our lifestyle. He explained the challenges caused by air pollution due to increase in level of green- house gases thereby affecting water and foods. Due to damage in layer of ozone and global warming we are facing many problems to survive in the world.
  • On 16th December, 2013 Prof. Hari Sharan, Defence Studies Department, D.D.U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur delivered a lecture on 'Bharat Ek Mahatwapurna Samudrik Shakti : Chunautian Aur Sambhawanayen'. He gave the students and teachers some ideas about the strategic war in the ocean. India has got the position among ten superpower countries who have achieved atomic energy techniques and global warming system techniques.
  • On 8th November 2013 Prof. Vipula Dubey, Department of Ancient History, Archaeology and Culture, D.D.U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur delivered a lecture on 'Concept of Jainism in Ancient India'. She gave the students and teachers the ideas about the evolution, time period and establishment of the Jainism in Ancient India.
  • A lecture of Dr.(Smt.) Shashi Prabha Singh, Coordinator Campus Placement Cell was organised in Art Faculty on 04 January, 2014 for Students to choose career and to face the interview in Government and Private sectors. She encouraged the students to know the criteria for selection, fluency in English, dynamic and aggressive nature, ready to work anywhere in India and positive attitude.
  • On 8th March 2014 Prof. Rekha Chaturvedi, Department of Ancient History Archaeology and Culture, D.D.U. Gorakhpur University delivered a lecture on 'Woman Empowerment on International Womens's Day.'
  • A lecture was organised on the subject 'Shiksha Ki Chunautiyan' on 07th January 2014. Prof. U.P. Singh, Ex- Vice chancellor ; Prof. Ram Achal Singh, Ex- Vice chancellor & Sri Dharm Narayan Awasthi, National Vice- President, Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal delivered their learned lectures. The audience includes students and the respected members of teaching staff.
  • A Guest Lecture organized by Museum Coordinator Dr.D.Singh, subject 'Importance of Museum in Education' on 25th August 2013 by Prof Rajendra Singh, Director, Bhart Kala Bhawan, B.H.U. Varanasi.