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NameDr. Indra Mani Tripathi
Fathers NameLate Shri S.N.M. Tripathi
Designation Readrer in Zoology
Residential AddressMoh.- Asuran, Post- Basharatpur , Gorakhpur
Contact Number0551-2500427, Mob- 9415562117
Date of Birth01/07/1956
Educational Qualification
Exam PassedName of the Examining BodyYearDivisionSubject Offered
B.Sc.DDU Gorakhpur University1974 Zoology, Botany & Chemistry
M.Sc.DDU Gorakhpur University1976 Zoology (Spl. Fish Bio)
Ph. D. DDU Gorakhpur University1984 Zoology
Career Profile
InstitutionDate of JoiningDesignationDuration
Kutir Degree College Chakkey, Jaunpur 03/11/1981Lecturer--
Balwant Vidyapeeth Rural Institute Bichpuri, Agra 01/08/1984Lecturer--
Digvijai Nath P.G. College, Gorakhpur17/01/1987Reader--
Specialization/ Research InterestNIL
Honours & AwardsNIL
Teaching Experience (Papers Taught):
ClassPapers Taught Practicals
B.Sc.I Papers II -Higher Nonchordata,
Paper III- Cytology Genetics, Echology & Evolution
B.Sc.IIPapers II -Animal Physiology & BiochemistryB.Sc.II
B.Sc.IIIPaper III- Regulatory mechanism in vertebrates
Paper IV - Cell Physiology and Biotechnology
1. Research Publications
S.No.Paper Title Name of Reputed Indian/Foreign JournalYearVolumePage Number
1"Thiourea-induced biochemical changes in the nucleic acid during the testicular cycle of the mud-cell Amphipnous cuchia (Ham)"Indian Journal of Animal Sciences198858 (5) 623-625
2"Effect of Thiourea on the hypothalamic nuclei of the mud-cell Amphipnous cuchia (Ham)"Acta Physiologica Hungarica198770 (4) 379-383
3"Hypothalamo-Hypophysial Neurosecretory system of the mud cell Amphipnous cuchia (Ham)"Arch.Biol (Bruxelles) 198697267-277
4"Histocytological identification of the Tinctorial cells in the Pituitary gland of an India Perch Colisa fasciatus (Bl. and Schn.)"J. Int. Agric. Anim. Sci.1986763-77
5"Studies on effect of Arsenic Oxide on the Growth of Fingerlings of Mystus vittatus (Bloch.)"Proceeding of 2nd National Convention of young scientists1986--187-191
6"Ovarian activity in Arsenic treated fresh water fish, Mystus Vittatus (Bloch.)"Proceeding of 2nd National Convention of young scientists1986--98-102
7"Studies on the Toxicity of Ammonia to a fresh water fish, Colisa Fasciatus"J. Environ. Res.1982III(I)11-12
8."Hypothalamo-Hypophysial vascularization in the mud cell Amphipnous cuchia (Ham)"Arch. Biol (Bruxelles)198091463-470
9"Toxicity of Arsenic Oxide to a fresh water fish ophiocelphalus punctatus"Environment India 19792(II)63-65
2. Books
S.No.Name of Author (s)Details
3. Articles
S.No.Atricle Title Where about YearPage Number
1Genes related to cancer 'Arawali' the College Magazine 2010In Press
Orientation/Workshop/Seminar/Conference/Refresher Course etc.
S.No.ProgrammesNumber Program wiseTotal Number Resource Person if any
Presented 3 research papers in year 1997, 1999 & 2004
S.No. Radio/T.V. Talk DateTime
College/ Institution Service
1Member of the Proctorial Board of Digvijai Nath P.G. College, Gorakhpur----
2Member of the Admission Committee of Digvijai Nath P.G. College, Gorakhpur----
Public Service
1.Member of the Proctorial Board of Studies of D.D.U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur
1.Major: NIL
2.Minors: NIL
3.Grants: NIL