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Cultural Programs

Keeping in view of the all round development of students and broadening their outlook, expression and mental horizon in lieu of the academic activities, many co-curricular activities were organised in this session.

1. Founder's week celebrations:
Our staff members and all the students of the college gather and participate in the 'Founder's Week' celebrations. During this celebration various programmes - quiz competition ; sports competitions such as Kabaddi, Volley-ball, Basket-ball ; Lecture competitions in Hindi, English and Sanskrit ; General Knowledge Test etc. are organised at regional level. The students of various degree Colleges and University take part in these competitions. Our college students take active part in these competitions. The participants securing places in these competitions are awarded with cash prizes and certificates of merit in concluding function on 10th December every year.

'Founder's Week Celebrations' started with inaugural function on 4th December by flag-hosting followed by 'Shobha Yatra'. The students, teaching and non-teaching staff of all 21 institutions run by M.P. Shiksha Parishad, Gorakhpur and one dozen affiliated institutions of Gorakhpur District collected in the big playground at Main Building of Digvijai Nath P.G. College. The procession of about 3.0 km. length moved on the main streets of the city. Different slogans relating to culture, education, religion and social awareness were raised throughout the march.

2. Death Anniversary Functions:
We also participate in the 'Death Anniversary Week' closing function of Late Digvijai Nathji, Mahant of Gorakhnath Temple and founder of trust Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad, Gorakhpur and founder of our college. This was celebrated this year on 07 September, 2009. In this function all sister institutions participate and interact one another.

3 Teacher's Day was celebrated on 05 September, 2009

4 Awards: The Students qualifying in different cultural & games activities were awarded with prize on 26th January, 2010 in a ceremony organised by the college.

5 Swami Vivekanand Youth Week:
(i) A meeting of Cultural Committee was organised on 12-01-2010 & the responsibilities for Cultural Committee members (page 83) and students were fixed. The students are-
1. Sri Sandeep Kumar Yadav B.A. I
2. Km. Hemlata Singh B.A. II
3. Sri Shashank Singh B.A. I
5. Km. Nikita Singh B.A. II
6. Sri Ashish Kumar B.Sc. II
7. Sri Anup Pandey B.Com. I
8. Km. Kasturi B.A. I
9. Sri Nirmal Kumar Anand B.A. II

(ii) A lecture on 'Swami Vivekanand : Vyaktitwa aur Krititwa' was organised in Sambad Bhawan on 12-01-2010.

6. Sanskrit Speech Competition and English Speech Competitions were organised in the college on 15-01-2010. The top two students were selected in each speech. They were awarded prizes.

7. Drama competition & Song competition were organised on 19-01-2010 and the winner and runner students were awarded.

8. Students committee named 'Prerana Manch' was constituted in commerce faculty.
The following Lectures were ogranised by this Manch.
i. 'Uttardaitwapurn Jeevan Shaili' on 05-10-2009.
ii. 'Bhartiya Yuva : Chunutiyan aur Sankalp' on 28-11-2009.
iii. 'Jimmeddar Yuva' on 04-2-2010.

9. 113th Subash Chandra Bosh Jayanti was celebrated on 23-01-2010 in Sambad Bhawan.

10. A General Knowledge competition for students was held on 23-11-2009 in which 84 students of all faculties participated. The prize was given to top three students.

11. Itihas Parishad was constituted in ancient history department. This parishad organised different cultural programmes in the department.

12. A literary and cultural committee SAHITYARCHAN is working in Hindi & Modern Indian Language department.